Our Top 2017 Furniture Design Picks

Our Top 2017 Furniture Design Picks

Carved Baluster farm table










Furniture design continues to be a popular topic in the global field of design. People are already setting sights on what future home design will look like in upcoming years. Industry experts are scouring homes and stores for the trend in the fashion. Here are our picks for the top designs that were on the market in 2017.

Rustic furniture

One of the best means for transforming your home is with country rustic furniture, which involves the use of reclaimed/hardwoods to attain a natural look. Reclaimed rustic furniture uses leftover materials from previous projects or the most popular is leftover barn wood.

Rustic modern furniture can be anything from tables to kitchen islands. It has an appearance of an antique or old salvaged material. The wood is normally dark in color with a general inconsistency. The furniture makes great utilization of metals like bronze and iron.

Rustic modern furniture was born from shabby chic, which had a lighter appearance. The shabby chic was known to have an appearance of a discarded wood.

Moving away from all-white interiors

Interior designers have moved away from the archaic all white and grey. People are embracing warm and rich shades of brown, green and black. More color and style will be huge in 2018!

Farmhouse Furniture










The farmhouse decor is all the rage in 2017. These nascent, usually custom-built antiques have been making a huge appearance as of late. To pull off the newest interior decor of the farmhouse look, you do not need an inflated budget. Look at rustic and country furniture designs and you will be right on track! Farmhouse style furniture offers fresh inspiration to any country design.

Copper Home Furniture

Copper, like gold and marble, seems to be running the course. We are starting to see copper-made chairs are being designed in style and even at times are customizable. The overly shiny furniture has flooded the market and seemed to take root. The trend is now matching the old classic brass made furniture.

Marble furniture

Marble is one of the common types of furniture that never goes out of fashion. When combined with other wood and metals, marble is attractive enough to make any furniture classy. You can custom-design your marble furniture with a suitable decor and make perfect furniture in any room as you wait for admirers.

Upholstered furniture

Fabric stands out to be the most preferred choice for many sofa buyers. Fabrics come in varieties of cotton, acrylic, linen, leather, or synthetic. Lounge type chairs have started to become a trend for millennial’s and we don’t expect this to change anytime soon. One of the best parts about this type is that the buying cost is usually as low as maintenance cost.

Cottage furniture

A traditional cottage home style could evoke nostalgia. Previously, the cottage design was done by local craftsmen and carpenters where each piece was unique. It was designed for a specific home and location. Nowadays, the cottage industry, characterized by custom design and handcrafted furnishings has shifted to a look-alike furnishing that is designed and made simply by your imagination and/or images from around the web of favorite styles.

Dark furniture

People with a preference for dark colored furniture are not being left behind on the decor trail. Warmer, dark-colored furniture is trending toward being one of the top picks for 2017. Having dark-colored furniture does not mean that your day will be dull! In a room with mirrors or a colorful combination of paintings darker furniture can be the center piece of your home!




With or pick of the above designs of furniture, you can now choose your design taste, then decide on the right look and feel for your upcoming furniture needs in 2018! We hope they will bring your home to life, and maybe even be the topic of your next party conversation!


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