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Hey everyone, Rob and Kim here again. Every day we get many simple questions asked over again. So we thought it may be a good idea to just blog about some of these. BIGGEST IS……color! Yes the website shows 3 stains and that’s it. You have your choice of any minwax stain. We do mixes and combo’s and match a lot of major brands custom colors. Just give us a call or send us a pic. You can always get what your want with us! PROTECTION? What about the top coat? Unlike some of our larger competitors we never recommend a totally flat, no sheen table top. If you want it that way fine we will do it. But those flat finish, no sheen tables will be damaged beyond your ability to fix if you spill wine or juice or about anything of color on them. We typically get a low sheen, antique finish that will protect your table from damage on spills. While the sheen look is almost totally out of style. We can give you that if you need it. So many of our pieces are painted as well. Combinations of every kind of paint and antiquing techniques you can imagine. So again, what you want and imagine your piece will look like is what’s important. We are not like many companies. YOU WILL get a live person on the phone and we do have answers. Do not hesitate to call with questions, that’s what we are here for. Sizes? again it’s all in your court. While we may advise on whether a piece can look right in a particular size or not “some pieces just don’t look right in certain sizes” you ultimately determine the dimensions of your piece. So again if you have a limited space….YES we can build it to fit. For local people this is a constant ongoing question. BUILT INS? While in the past we have turned down all in home built ins. That is about to change. I am again bringing on a very skilled man that I know extremely well who will become our built in guy. So again…give us a call. Built ins will be limited to about an hour outside of Knoxville. Types of wood…..YES we can get most domestic hardwoods. Ash, cherry, walnut, oak, maple, poplar. As a matter of fact we now have upgraded our table tops to a beautiful, poplar hardwood. All of our base prices were once in yellow pine. But we decided to take a step up at no additional cost and give our clients an upgrade. While yellow pine makes a great top, poplar is just a much prettier wood. Now keep in mind your table cost will go upward based on the market price of the hardwood you pick if you want something above poplar. Just let us know and we will get you a quote.




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