How to Get Started on Your Interior Design Ideas


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Fond of decorating rooms and arranging furniture? Perhaps you often receive compliments on your interior design and unique taste. Whether pursuing your dream home, embarking on an entire first floor renovation, or taking that big step towards fulfilling your career, there’s only one way to get started. The secret to success is knowing the core of the different kinds of interiors, the key pieces of furniture, and what it might look and feel like. Here’s to help you sort which one is your style in order to fully manifest your creativity and nurture your passion for designing.


Industrial Style


Steel, brass, stone and bricks with some wooden elements- the industrial interior is all about raw and exposed materials. Think metal fixtures, stripped back floorboards, bare beams and columns. Your choice of color palette to incorporate with predominantly black or white surroundings, along with the statement lights are particularly important to soften an otherwise cold space.


Minimalist Interior


Less is more. Minimalism revolves on this principle, where interiors are stripped down to only what matters most. The idea is to keep it simple, not dull and boring, rather the empty space itself must elicit the design statement. Color is used sparingly and only quality furniture is chosen. Clutter is cleared away and every piece is deemed essential to create a whole.


Mid-Century Modern


Refined lines, natural shapes, minimalist silhouettes, plenty of wood and rusty metals characterize the mid-century modern interior. Traditional design is propelled into the modern era where highly versatile pieces such as classy custom made furniture can complement various design styles. Let wooden details shine, add graphic patterns, vintage art pieces, and enhance space with both natural and retro or modern lighting.


Eclectic Design


Experience the freedom of throwing in varying pieces in your interior. Express yourself through your personal picks, have some fun and break the rules! The eclectic style is being able to bringing together furniture that fits perfectly without matching. It’s displaying a cohesive blend of decors borrowed from certain periods and trends, with each its own history and unparalleled beauty.


Shabby Chic


The shabby chic interior is distinguished by quality furniture with an aged appearance. New items are distressed to achieve this lovingly time-worn look with signs of wear and tear made explicit. Ecru and pastel are orthodox shabby chic colors, but don’t be afraid to add vibrant colors as you wish. Create a charming, dreamy and romantic place with linen textiles and sophisticated vintage pieces.


Nautical Interior


Also known as coastal or cottage decor, the nautical style emits a warm and relaxing ambiance with a beach house spirit. This type of interior is based on white or sand foundation colors with blue as the main accent. Unfinished furniture or distressed woodwork coupled with flowing white draperies can together produce a coastal haven. Decorate with ropes, seashells, lighthouses, sailboats, navigational maps and other exciting nautical motifs!


Scandinavian Interior


Simple and practical contemporary furniture make up the Scandinavian style. Snow-inspired white with gray tones serve as the foundation, surrounded by plenty of texture and functional decor featuring gentle, playful hues. Wools, fabric and fur layered onto glass or quality furniture yield an effortlessly Nordic interior look.


Bohemian Style

Bohemian interior design captures the avant-garde lifestyle’s carefree and adventurous nature. Play with rich patterns and bright, vivid colors for an artfully messy look made on purpose. A mix of Moroccan, Southwestern, ethnic or tribal-inspired throws, pillows, rugs, and tapestry are what’s trending.


Now you have a deeper insight of the most popular interior design styles with evident staying power. Small spaces entail resourcefulness by adding wall dividers, compact furniture, open shelving, large stylish mirrors and massive area rugs. If you have the luxury of space, consider a walk-in closet and kindling a spa-like bathroom similar to the most exclusive hotels. Remember that sunlight and plantlife are a must in every interior!

Whichever is your calling, know that the most successful interior decorators and designers frequently bridge two or more styles together. Oftentimes, they mix and match furniture with old and modern decor to come up with unique, timeless creations. The basics are merely your stepping stone to getting started on your interior design ideas, and it’s totally up to you to employ your own brilliant approach!

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