How to Create Inspiring Gathering Spaces in Your Home

The holidays are almost here, it is time to create gathering spaces that will help you host your guests. You may have just bought your new furniture and wish to showcase it without gobbling up the limited space you have for your gathering. We are going to help you do just that, creating gathering space by managing your furniture.


The Living Room

If you want to keep your living room spacious and fresh, then you have to keep the sitting area sectional and give it a neutral tone. Create a configuration allows the guest to move around freely. You furniture should line the wall and should not block the entrance to the living area.

You should then use scaled cocktail table to give the guests a place to rest their drinks. It will also give them a place to showcase their accessories, which usually acts as a conversation starter. You should consider a table that is well decorated but not over decorated.

You should use accent chairs and a pair of ottomans to create a sitting space that can easily be re-configured to accommodate more guests. You could for example use a Wheatley Leather Ottoman which is well decorated and has casters that make it easy to maneuver.

The final item is a statement piece that acts as the source of your living room theme. That could be a table that is handcrafted to and decorated with a silver or gold metal base. It will act as the center piece, which the first guest entering the living should easily recognize.


The Dining Room


The dining room should have a simple design that is both stylish and functional. The table should be the centered piece as usual and the chairs should just be functional and light. You basically want to make it easy for people to sit and have their meal.

The space around the dining table should be free of other items or appliances. That should make it easy for those come to the table to come and leave with easy. Otherwise a crammed dining room will make people step on each other’s toes as they leave the table.



This is my best place to entertain guests. It is full of fresh air and a warm fire place is all that is need when it is cold. It is a good idea to line the path from the living area to you outdoor space with items such as pictures for easy conversation as the guest walk in or out.

You should have home furnishings that you have specifically bough for occasions that you expect host guest. They should be light but and easy to move in and out of the living area or where you may want to store them. Chairs and table that fold are some of my favorite furniture for such occasions.


The Kitchen


When you are having parties, it is natural to have guest come to help you out in the kitchen. You could even invite them to the kitchen if you have space to spare. However, you need to be care with the kind of furniture you have in your kitchen. What you need is to have light chairs or stools around the kitchen counter.

Your guest will be able to sit and you can move them out when you are done without breaking a sweat. Against folding chairs come in handy. If you have an open kitchen, then you can line the chairs to your living space. The outcome will be a continuous space that makes it easy serving other guest who are not helping in the kitchen.


Whether you are furnishing your living room, kitchen, patio, or dining room, choose home furnishings that are elegant yet simple in design. When it comes to creating space using furniture, the saying that less is more is very true. When choosing your furniture always goes for those that are well stylish and designed but are not bulky.

Whenever you get a chance to select single-duty or double-duty furnishings, you should select double-duty home furnishings. A coffee table with a shelf or rack to store magazines will serve you well. That makes it easy for the guests to pick a magazine read it and place it back without filling the table with the entire collection. They will serve you well.

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