Hint’s on building your perfect piece.

In the past few years I’ve learned a few things that I TRY to pass on to customers who are trying to create just the perfect piece. Of course I’ve dealt with all types of people. Those who say ” I trust your judgement” those scare me…lol. Those micro managers who want to be involved in every step of the process. And those who really believe they know how to design furniture. Let me tell you about one recently. We have an English pub table that we build. It’s a beautiful piece and one I’ve built several times. Well for some reason this young man decided to tell me exactly how far back from the end of the table top he wanted the legs to sit. This of course then made the space in between where the legs sit a locked in dimension that he determined. When the table was delivered the wife went off. She was really upset because she couldn’t fit the number of chairs she wanted to in between the legs of the table. I tried to explain that her husband had specified where he wanted the legs to sit and that, that was his decision, not mine. So, to make a long story short….. If you are trying to figure out measurements based on a pic and how things should be designed. DON’T DO IT…..lol. Just tell me what your trying to achieve. In this case…how many chairs you want to fit inside the legs of your table. I and my staff have built thousands of pieces of furniture at this point. What we need are your goals, your overall vision and most important aspects of the piece you are ordering.  Once we find out these things then we can lay out the design and explain why we are recommending the way something should be made. Our goal is very simple. That every client end up with a heirloom piece that they adore.

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