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X end Island and Countertop

As our business has grown it has also morphed into a different animal. While farmhouse, rustic, French country and cottage styles  are still the core or our business. People have also realized the quality of work and many want a finer, more expensive wood. Walnut or Cherry table tops, beautiful hard maple cabinetry, you name it we can build it for you. While some people still want these finer woods to look aged and worn that is or course doable too. We do continue to have a several requests for reclaimed material. And while we do a few pieces here and there out of reclaimed material, I tend to warn people about the dangers of reclaimed material. While so many think it’s a great thing and unique look, much of it is oversold, overhyped and then honestly never even supplied to the customer though you paid extra for it from certain vendors. And I will warn you as a reader. DON’T BELIEVE EVERYTHING YOU HEAR…. lol. So many companies are claiming they are using reclaimed material and frankly they are not.  When people see some of our distressed tables in person they immediately believe it’s reclaimed. It’s not…..we rarely use it, we just make it look old. And so do the majority of other companies. The difference is we won’t lie to you and charge you more, but we will give you the look you’re after! So if your considering a higher end piece of some more expensive wood, or your wanting a distressed piece, never forget we’ve got your back.

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