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Well, the holidays are over and I thought I’d print a little piece on custom work. We have been blessed to do some really fine pieces over the past few months. Our clients have brought us some fantastic pieces that they wanted us to duplicate and all have just turned out so well. I suggest that you follow our team on Facebook if you don’t already. Just look up Rob Henry in Clinton, TN and our icon is a table. Very easy to find and easy to follow because we tend to post photos of stages of builds usually on a daily basis. You can watch your pieces many times being built from start to finish. Needless to say many people love that process and like to see what stage their piece is presently at. Our team will be moving on Feb 1st into twice as much space as we are currently in and we will once again increase our ability to produce even more awesome, rustic, farmhouse and cottage style pieces. Thanks so much for your support and continual orders.




Rob & Kim

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