Building not just tables but young men and women

I hopefully can give you some insight to our company here at Farmhouse Furniture. Have you ever been to a Church and read their mission statement on their wall? What makes them tick, what’s really important to them, what keeps them doing what they are doing each and every day? Well, at my stage in life “54 years” there are many things I think about now that I didn’t think about just a few years ago. While I have always enjoyed building furniture there is something more important that burns deep inside. Something that I believe is beginning to be lost here in our Country if we aren’t very thoughtful and careful in how we handle the most important things in our lives. How do we have hope for our children, grandchildren and beyond if we don’t prepare these young minds? For years I was a competitive bodybuilder and powerlifter. Both sports that are what I would call prima donas of self glory. Just look at me, see how big or strong I am. And honestly I can say the most positive thing I ever gained from all those years was discipline and a strong mind that wasn’t willing to accept defeat. So how does any of that transfer to better, more uplifting, helpful things these days? As our business has grown and expanded and I’ve taken on more and more help. An overwhelming burden at times reminds me of how responsible I am for these men, women and families. How important it is to teach everyone the importance of quality on every piece. How vital it is to instill pride and a sense of value in your craftsmanship and even simple parts of work. Even more important to me is to show everyone who works here monetarily how they are appreciated with increases in skill and hard work. A pat on the back and “great job” goes a long way but an extra 50 bucks at the end of the week says a lot more. As we strive to produce great products and push hard to increase production and keep all of you, our valued clients happy. I hope you will not forget that you are supporting real Americans, men and women whom I continue pay as much as much I can and still keep the doors open. While some companies have the philosophy of paying as little as they can, I’ve always felt differently. My goal is pay a man or woman for their ability and drive. So far, I’ve never hired anyone who I thought was lazy either. Which I believe says a lot more for the 20-30 year old crowd than many give them credit for. Men and women need a chance, they need mentors and guidance and with all of that working together I BELIEVE we can still make great products right here in America and support our local friends and family!

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