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Bay window tables

We have done several of these in various types of woods. I’m going to just base price this one here in poplar and basic size like 7ft on the length. Most these are very custom to the bay itself and we have to get measurements from you to make sure it fits properly.

Oversized leg, end tables

Now admittedly this is not the end table or night stand for everyone. It’s truly an outrageous build. The legs are 6 inches in diameter! The one shown is 26 inches tall and the top is 20×24. If you like something out of the ordinary and that is definitely a reflection of your over the top personality then you are going to love this piece!

Yesteryear end tables

This striking end table make a great pair at the end of any couch. We make a matching coffee table as well but these are often mixed with different coffee tables we make as well. As always you pic your colors to suit you.

Building not just tables but young men and women

I hopefully can give you some insight to our company here at Farmhouse Furniture. Have you ever been to a Church and read their mission statement on their wall? What makes them tick, what’s really important to them, what keeps them doing what they are doing each and every day? Well, at my stage in life “54 years” there are many things I think about now that I didn’t think about just a few years ago. While I have always…

Carved Square Tables

We list these as 4 ft square tables but they are available in 5 and 6 ft as well. These tables are fabulous to use individually. But lets say you have a small dining room and a breakfast room or eat in kitchen. Look at the how good two of these look when pulled together! Perfect for holidays when you want everyone seated in one place to share that holiday meal. And perfect when it’s just the family and they…

The Gabriel tables and benches

This extremely heavy industrial farm table brings both metal and wood together perfectly. We can custom build this table in a variety of colors and sizes. Standard price is good up to 8ft, longer increases in price.

Trestle benches to match our trestle tables

These beautiful benches match our double and triple trestle tables. They are recently upgraded to all hardwood benches, no more pine.  Many people want two benches and some just want one. On our long triple trestle tables it’s common to purchase two short benches that make it easy to get in and out of with a busy holiday crowd.

Reclaimed hardwood trestle table

You have to see one of these to appreciate it. While our other big, carved, trestle tables are much more polished, this one has that reclaimed look and feel everyone wants. While we get it covered with enough clearcoat and sanded smooth enough to clean easily it’s rough, weathered exterior still shines through. These tables typically have worm holes and tracks, deeper lines and grooves from the weathering the wood took while outside. It’s since been kiln dried so it’s…