8 Tips for the Perfect Interior Design

Home décor has become the new rage, and everyone seems to have an opinion on what approach you should use in tackling interior design. Most people end up with overdecorated homes or with half-finished projects. Professionals know that even though there may be no fixed interior design process, there are some tips that guarantee relative success. Here are eight tips for the perfect interior design:

Choosing one focal point

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The most common mistake that people make when they are designing a room or their home is trying to make everything the focal point of the room. This tends to create a cluttered, unsynchronized décor that is detrimental to the main aim of interior decorating.

Like any movie set, there can only be one lead while the others provide a supporting role. Always make sure that you choose one focal point in each room. It may be a painting, a mantel or chandelier. Everything else should complement the focal point.

Using proper sight lines

After choosing the focal point, it is important to ensure that proper sight lines are used in placement. The perfect position for a focal point should be opposite the entrance of the room to capture the attention of any visitor entering.

Additionally, it should be in an uncluttered area to draw people to it. When it comes to the other collectibles, they should be slightly below the main center attraction to accentuate the main focal point.

Custom handmade furniture


Everyone wants a unique centerpiece in the home. The odds of getting unique furniture in the store are quite low if you consider the economic sense of mass manufacturing. Handmade furniture is the low-cost option when one wants unique furniture.

One does not need to be a carpenter to have handmade furniture in the home. You can try building furniture using a multitude of DIY ideas available. If building from scratch is not your forte, some small companies deal exclusively with unique products. The best bet is a mixture of rustic and glass to provide a modern twist on classical furniture.

Adhering to proper scale

Once you have selected the focal point it is important to ensure that the other collectibles that you buy should adhere to the scale of the focal item. The main thing to avoid is making one of the items appear too big or small.

One of the hidden secrets is making sure that when you have small items you should group them together to give them a greater presence in the room. Scale can either accentuate or divert attention from the other items in the room.

Finishing with color


The color scheme is always an important factor in interior design ideas. Most people first select a room color, then add furniture that is based on the color. However, this is the most difficult option. Selecting furniture to fit a specific color scheme and then painting the walls is easier and guarantees greater success using less effort.

Rug and furniture placement

A basic rule in home design ideas is ensuring that there is adequate space. However, this is greatly influenced by the type of rug placement that you select. There are three main ways of furniture placement on a rug. It can be all-on, all-off or half-on.

Unless you get the size of the rug correctly, all-on leads to cramped spaces while all-off may lead people to think that the rug was just an afterthought. The best approach is half-on since it allows adequate maneuvering space between furniture giving a better appearance.



Proper lighting can decorative home and take it to the next level. Proper lighting can be used to highlight the items that you want visitors to notice. LED technology can allow one to use ambient lights without cringing each time the power bill arrives. Proper lighting will improve the color scheme as well as make the house a lot more modern.

Simpler colors

Most people try and use special colors like magenta and cyan, but this tends to make people think you put too much effort into the interior design. Colors are supposed to accentuate the other aspects of the room instead of taking the limelight.

If you scour interior design pictures, you will find that the most decorative homes are based on simple colors that allow the furniture to pop out. Airy while and elegant black are good home design ideas that allow the rest of the furniture to pop out.


Whether you’re ready to replace your tired home or you need to decorate your new house, avoid flipping through scores of catalogs full of items that thousands of homeowners are already sporting. It’s frustrating to measure and re-measure your available space trying to position your furniture, drawers, and trunks. This poses an even bigger problem especially if you have protruding baseboards that cause your furniture to look awkward. The above tips make the transition to a clean design, specially created for your living area.

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